Original Art

Please use the contact form to inquire about the availability of any particular drawing or painting, or about commissions. Many existing works are sold; available drawings are identified as “available” in their captions on Instagram.



Live drawing demonstration and 2-day pre-convention life drawing workshop.





Daniel Maidman has made some exquisite drawings of the human body, often focusing on particular aspects of it. The drawings are meticulously detailed, ingeniously nuanced, eloquently intense. They are an important contribution to the resurgence of interest in the figure.

- Donald Kuspit,
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art History and Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook

Daniel Maidman’s subject is body: that luminous vessel that contains our loves, hopes, struggles, and individual experiences. Daniel’s nudes are, on various pages, lyrical, sensual, sexual, affectionate, intimate and highly individualistic. He never lets you forget that inside the body, hand, feet, face, is a person-- alive, quirky, full of consciousness—that through his reverent investigation, he is determined to extract and reveal.

- Patricia Watwood,
Artist and Author, Brooklyn, NY

A remarkable little text that documents a conversation between Daniel Maidman and Vincent Desiderio. The conversation …  rings true as a kind of meeting of the minds. No editorializing takes place here. There is no fluff. Yet the two men leap from artist to artwork, from observations about narrative structure to biology to the manifestation of surfaces. It is humorous, deadly serious, and very encouraging to witness… This book may just become my go-to gift for my graduate students.

- Matthew Ballou,
Full Teaching Professor, University of Missouri, book review at